Champagne Party: Best of the Bubbly

I had this wonderful idea to have a Champagne Party.  Everyone brought their favorite bottle, and took notes and voted on which they liked best. Here are the long-awaited results from the Bubbles tasting party!

The Crowd Pleaser: D'Aquino's "Asti Spumante"

This light, delicate, sweet sparkling wine is made entirely from Muscat grapes.  Due to its lightness and sweetness, this Italian sparkling wine is a real crowd pleaser.  Its alcohol content is low (7.5%) compared to other sparkling wines (~13%), making this an excellent wine to serve to guests who need to drive home!   D'Aquino Asti Spumante.
Where to Find It: Trader Joe's
How Much it Costs: $5.99
The Winner: Il Conte d'Alba Moscato d'Asti
This sweet Italian wine was the winner from the blind tasting at the Bubbles Party.  Though it is not a true sparkling wine, it is delightfully light.  This wine also has a relatively low alcohol content (5.5%), making it a great wine to serve to guests.  This wine pairs great with fresh fruit or fruit tarts.  It is also made from Muscat grapes.
Where to Find It: Beverages and More
How Much it Costs: $11.99
The Critic's Choice: Domaine Chandon Rosé
This is one of my personal favorites.  There is a wonderful balance of lightness and crispness with sophistication.  Also, this wine is made right here in California.  It is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes.  Just make sure to sip slowly--this wine has a 13% alcohol content.
Where to Find It: Most grocery stores; Beverages and More; Domaine Chandon Winery in Yountsville, CA
How Much it Costs: $17.99 (Bevmo); $22 (Domaine Chandon Winery).
This was just a small sample of some of the wonderful wines we got to taste as the Bubbles event.  If you brought a wine that I did not list here, please list it under the comments!  Most of the bottles were thrown away before I was able to take notes on their labels.