Chikalicious Dessert Bar: Tantalize your tastebuds in the East Village

Basil sorbet with creme anglaise...  white chocolate mousse cannoli with jasmine sorbet... freshly made marshmallow squares with toasted coconuts flakes...

With Japanese influence and French pastry training, the executive chef of Chikalicious creates artistic masterpieces.  Both the desserts and the dessert bar are small, so don't come hungry and anticipate a long line.  But, the line is worth the wait if you are looking to tantalize your tastebuds and challenge your senses with an array of untraditional flavor combinations.

The menu is a 3-course prix-fixe ($14), which includes an amuse bouche, your dessert "entree," and a selection of 3 petit fours. The amuse bouche heightened my senses, pairing the savory with the sweet--basil sorbet with creme anglaise.  It may sound strange, but it was absolutely delightful and a perfect pair.  The sorbets at this place are phenomenal, and they are served in a quantity that makes you want to come back for more.

I had the pleasure of sampling three different entrees--the cheesecake made with fromage blanc, a white mousse cannoli over a bed of peaches with a jasmine sorbet, and chai tea panna cotta, with Cognac argyle.

The fromage blanc made the cheesecake tangy and less sweet than traditional cheesecake. The white mousse cannoli was divine, and the jasmine sorbet elevated it to the next level. The cannoli was over a bed of chopped peaches, but the peaches marinated in some strawberry or other red fruit juice, and it took me a very long time to realize that they were peaches.  I think it took me so long because the plate was so much more than the sum of its parts--and it was meant to be enjoyed as a whole.

The panna cotta in the chai panna cotta with cognac argyle jiggled like a woman's breast--exactly as panna cotta should. The cognac argyle added an extra layer of complexity, joining delicious food with molecular gastronomy.

The menu has already changed so I'd love to go back. But if i'm looking for dessert in the East Village, I want to try their "take out" cafe across the street. The portions are more "American," and the prices are around 3 bucks.