A Southerner's First "Fall"

So, apparently there are these things called "seasons."  There are four of them, and they come and go every year--on a schedule!  This is truly a foreign concept to me as I grew up in south Louisiana. The concept became even more foreign when I moved to Los Angeles--land of 72 degree weather everyday. One marker for the change from summer to fall is Labor Day. When I arrived in New York last week, there were 90-degree temperatures. A few days ago--something strange happened. I was out in a summer dress--and I was cold.  Like, wish I had on pants and a jacket cold. As a matter of fact, some people were wearing pants and jackets. Sweaters too!

Then something even stranger happened. It never really got warm again. The temperature seems to steadily be dropping. I'm really not sure how to react. Today, I wore jeans, a sleeveless top, and sandals. I was pretty cold as it was rather chilly outside.  I looked around and everyone had on jackets and moccasins.

Dressing for "seasons"--one more thing I've got to figure out!