Trading my L.A. Kitchen for a NYC Kitchenette

I always felt like my kitchen in Los Angeles inspired me to use it. It was so large and beautiful. I also invested in so many gadgets that make life easier for cooks.

Now I'm in a transitional period--in transitional housing. My pots and pans, sifters and strainers, zesters and mixers--have all been left behind in Los Angeles. I've grown accustomed to all of my handy tools!

Nevertheless, I'll be making dinner tonight! I'm going to make the healthy thai-soba noodles recipe. My only concern is not having anything to zest my limes on. Or measuring cups/spoons.  Guess I'll have to improvise! I'll just add lime juice to make up for the lack of lime zest.

So, I've been doing a LOT of eating out these days (which isn't a bad thing). You can follow me as I explore various foodie paradises--from L.A., to NYC, to New Orleans, to Paris, to Barcelona, and many, many more!    I'll be chronicling my travels, so you can come along with me over the next 8 months!