France: Where Wine is Cheaper than Water?

In some parts of the Middle East, oil is cheaper than water.

In America, soda is cheaper than water.

In France, there is a seemingly infinite selection of wines that are actually cheaper than a bottle of water.

Don't get me wrong--it is possible to find cheap wine in the states. But unless you live in one of the few major cities with a Trader Joe's (and 2 buck Chuck), cheap wine will often be just that--cheap wine. Plus, the selection is rather limited. You've got Gallo, Sutter Home, box wines... and unless you want to count kool-aid types flavored with liquor (Boone's Farm, Wild Vines, etc.), that's pretty much it.

In France, there are numerous bottles of wine that are under 5 euros. The photo that I posted was not even from the bottom shelf. Don't get me wrong, you can certainly find expensive wine in France if that's what you're looking for!

My favorite bottle is only 1,80 euros.  I actually saw that same bottle in a wine shop in America, and it was 14 dollars! When in America, drink American wines.