Tarte au Citron

My mama makes some pretty bad lemon squares (bad as in amazing), but this tarte au citron (lemon tart) was  amazing.  Lemon tarts seem to vary greatly from one Patissier to the next.  Some people like a tangier, more sour lemon filling.  I really enjoyed this tart from Hediard because the balance between the tangy lemon flavor in the filling, and the sweetness of the crust was perfect.

The texture of the filling was smoothy and silky, and the crust just crumbled with each bite. The rim of the pastry was lined with grated peel, which was aesthetically pleasing, as the green lime peel provided a nice contrast to the yellow lemon filling.  Pastry perfection!!!

The price?  A hefty 6 euros for an individual-sized tart. But we all deserve a splurge on an amazing pastry every  now and then, don't we?

**Footnote: Some Paris Patissiers consider putting meringue on lemon tarts vulgar. You won't find a lemon tart with meringue at any of the luxe patisseries in Paris.