Ok, I'm aware that this blog post is 5 days late! But, better late than never!

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday to me. This year was my first Thanksgiving away from my family. During my 7 years in Los Angeles, I always managed to get on a plane and fly south (or East?) like the birds (2,000 miles) for Thanksgiving.  But, since I am in France, and Thanksgiving is not celebrated in France, I spent my Thanksgiving at work.

I don't think I realized that Thanksgiving is truly an almost exclusively American holiday (Canada is the only other country to celebrate it).  Speaking about Thanksgiving with non-Americans has made me view it from a new perspective.

For me, Thanksgiving has always meant gathering around the fancy dining table with family, eating my great-Aunt Hester's rolls, my grandmother Willie Mae's million dollar cake, my grandmother Marcena's strawberry delight, my Aunt Albia's cranberry mold, Karan's yams, my mama's cornbread dressing, and on and on and on!  My family is BIG on the food traditions, and so many amazing recipes have been handed down over the generations, and we pay homage to that at Thanksgiving. We also take time to reflect on things that we are grateful for.

I am incredibly grateful for my wonderfully supportive family and friends. To those who believe in me even when I don't believe in myself! I am grateful for my mother!  My mother is my best asset.  And that's a FACT.  I am grateful to have time to broaden my horizons in a foreign country. I am grateful to have heat and running water! I am grateful to have been educated at a university with seemingly endless funds. I am grateful to be a USC Trojan. (Love you Trojan fam!) I am grateful to have best friends. Lots of them. Some since pre-school, some kindergarten, some college. I am grateful to have any friends at all!  I am grateful to have passed the California bar exam. I am grateful to have a family that loves celebrating holidays! I could really go on and on...

So, I did get a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving here in Paris.

Since Thanksgiving is exactly one week after the release of Beaujolais Nouveau (which is released the third Thursday of November every year), we enjoyed Beaujolais Nouveau wine with our turkey.