Wine and Cheese Party

"En France, quand on mange du fromage, on mange du fromage." - My roommate, Victor

("In France, when we eat cheese, we eat cheese.")

I moved out of my sublet last week, and my "colocs" (roommates) sent me off right!  We finally got around to having a wine and cheese night. This was nothing like the wine and cheese parties I've been to in the U.S.

The focus of this night truly was on the cheese, and also pairing it with the right wine.

We started by going to the Sunday marchee (market). When Victor and Em were ordering and tasting the different cheeses, I had a crazy look on my face, like, "you can't be serious" kind of look. Un kilo of camembert, un kilo of chevre frais (fresh goat cheese), un kilo of chevre sec (dry, aged goat cheese), un kilo of brebis (cheese made from female sheep--ewe-- milk), un demi-kilo, un kilo, etc....  I thought, "There is no way we are going to even put a dent in all of this cheese!"

Well, I was wrong.

There were four of us, and we consumed an absurd amount of cheese that night.  My favorite was the chevre frais. I think this is because I really love my chevre, and normally, I like it aged. I rarely eat it fresh--it is much softer and had a more delicate flavor. But, I really enjoyed it!