Paris Patisserie: La Buchette de Noel

The Bûche de Nöel (Yule Log) is a cake enjoyed at Christmastime.  The "buche" (log) is made from either genoise or sponge cake, and it is baked in a shallow jelly roll pan.  It is then rolled to look like a log, and there is frosting both inside and out.

Patisseries in France sell the "mini" buche (the buchette) during the Christmas season.  Though the buche is traditionally flavored with chocolate, most patisseries offer chocolate, praline, cafe, and Grand Mariner.  I opted for cafe, and it reminded me of Tiramisu.

I think a buche de Noel will make a Christmas meal that much more festive! I will be making one Tuesday, Dec. 21st. So, check my other blog Tuesday evening for pics and the recipe!