Christmas 2010 Bake-A-Thon

I was so very fortunate to spend Christmas in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with my wonderful family! Here are some photos of goodies we baked! (in addition to the buche de Noel)

This is the same apple pie recipe that I shared on my other blog.  My mom prepared the crust and I prepared the pie.

I wanted to try something new, so I decided to bake a pumpkin pie.  Normally my mom makes sweet potato pie, but we always like to try out new recipes.  The pumpkin pie was quite tasty with a cup of cafe au eggnog!

I also made a pecan pie. There must have been at least a bushel of pecans!! No, seriously--you can find SO MANY pecans in south Louisiana, so why not put them in a delicious southern-style pecan pie? :)

Pecan pie AND pumpkin pie are seriously easy.  You just stir all of the ingredients together and them put them in a partially-baked pie shell. The only judgement call you make is when to take the pie out of the oven! Check out my other blog for the pumpkin pie recipe, photos, and tips.

Pecan pie recipe, photos, and tips!