Ladurée Macarons

Yes, another post about macarons! These macarons are from Laduree.  Laduree truly has it all--quality, aesthetics, and presentation.  From the chic luxury of their tea salons, to the regal packaging of their "to-go" boxes, Laduree does macarons like no other.

And it isn't all show--they taste amazing!  The perfect blend of a crunchy outer shell, with a creamy filling.  You will savor each bite with a feeling that you are enjoying one of those rare feats of the universe--where beauty meets art meets pastry.

(Flavors from left to right: fleur d'oranger, praline de noisettes, citron, chocolat, pistache, caramel)

Fleur d'oranger is becoming a favorite of mine.  This flavor is found in extract form, and is often used to flavor baked goods (kind of how we use vanilla extract).  Here, vanilla extract is rare, but it is common to find sugar that is flavored with vanilla.

The citron (lemon) was an expert blend of sweet and tangy.  All macarons are made from ground up almonds, and the almond flavor complimented the lemon quite nicely. The cream filling was a tad sour, so the rest of the cookie balanced the acidity in the lemony filling.

Laduree macarons are a tad pricey, but worth every cent.  INDULGE!