Bordeaux City

The city of Bordeaux itself is architecturally fascinating.  It is somewhat centrally located, with the Medoc region to its north, St Emillion to its East, and the Graves/Sauternes region to its south.

There are a number of GREAT wine bars.  The "Bar à Vins" right next to the office of tourism in the City Center serves Bordeaux wines exclusively, and is a great way to try wines from all of the regions you didn't get a chance to visit.  The prices are VERY reasonable.  Ranging from TWO to EIGHT euros a glass, and you can even get a "tasting" size--half the wine for half the price!  I tasted 6 wines for 11 euros.

Another great wine bar is the "Aux 4 coins du vin."  They also serve different sizes--ranging from a true "taste," to half glass, full glass; or bottle.  The smallest 3 cl is great to taste a really expensive wine.  It is less elegant and more trendy than the Bar à Vins, but really fun in its own right.  It is self-serve, so you put money on a card, and then use the card to sample the various wines.  Kind of like a soft drink machine!

Lastly, don't forget to try the Lillet, the aperatif of the region.  It is definitely stronger than wine, but very fruity, and the orange zest adds a nice spunk!