Bygdøy and Aker Brygge

I took the bus to Bygdoy--but you can take the ferry in the spring/summertime.  It was only about 10 minutes from the center of Oslo.  There is so much green space in Oslo--well, it's covered with snow, so maybe it's white space?  Anyway, people were skiing all over the gentle slopes on the way up to Bygdoy.   At Bygdoy, I went to the Viking Ship Musuem, the Kon Tiki Museum, and the National Folk Museum.

The view of the water was so beautiful, peaceful, and surreal!

I made it to Aker Brygge at dusk. I was able to capture some beautiful pictures of the harbor while the sun was setting.

During the summer, the fishermen cook their fresh catches of shrimp and sell them by the bag at the harbor.  I think I may have to return to Oslo during the summer and experience one of their "endless summer nights."  The nights are "endless" because of Norway's proximity to the North Pole--during the summer, the sun rises just as soon as it sets.  It's daylight all day and night long, and the party never stops!