Oslo Eats- Yogurt Heaven

The fro-yo craze has hit Norway, thanks to two fellow Trojans.

Frozen yogurt in Norway?  Yes.  Even in chilly Norway, folks are partaking in the craze that hit the U.S. via Pinkberry, Red Mango, Yogurtland, and others.  Besides, Yogurt Heaven in Oslo sells a lot more than just frozen yogurt.  They are selling a bona fide American experience.  You can chat with one of the friendly American co-owners who have taken a real hands-on approach to running their business.  And you can even enjoy some very American treats--homemade cupcakes, and even "roast-your-own" s'mores.

And the frozen yogurt is pretty good too!  There are numerous flavors, which you can top with freshly diced fruit, oreo cookies, or a number of other typical American frozen yogurt toppings.  I enjoyed some on a chilly February morning, and it really hit the spot--filled me with yumminess and nostalgia for my sunny SoCal days!