Summit in London

So we had this crazy idea to meet up in London for about 24 hours.  The time was short, but fun and productive!  There was much discussion about science, medicine, technology, pharmacology, informatics, food, and the intersection of these various concepts.  I left our summit feeling invigorated and inspired!  But it wasn't all serious conversation... there was some sightseeing too!

Lucy and I visited the Tate Modern, which is probably the most modern of any modern art museum I've visited.  Even the bathrooms were modern!  Ironically, the museum is in a rather traditional looking building.

Jason and Vasilli took us to dinner at an amazing Vietnamese restaurant, and I had pho for the very first time!   Pho is a traditional Vietnamese beef and noodle soup.  The broth of the soup cooks the beef so that it is super fresh and tender.  I am now a fan of Vietnamese food. :)

We visited the British Museum where Encouse gave us commentary on many of the Egyptian artifacts, and we went to this amazing foodie market where I had some incredible beer-battered fish and chips.

We hiked up a very steep hill to reach the observatory and official marker of the Prime Meridian.  We had a symbolic "where East meets West" kind of moment.  Even though Europe is considered "western" in terms of culture, most of it is in the Eastern hemisphere...

Our last stop was a pub for some interesting convo.  Thanks so much to Jason, Vasilli, and Leilani for being such great hosts!