Sundays in Paris

Most everything is closed on Sundays.  Some markets are open on Sunday mornings, but Sunday is observed as a day of rest.  However, the Marais neighborhood in Paris is as lively as ever on Sundays.  The Marais, or "Jewish Quarter," celebrates the Sabbath on Saturday.  Thus, everything is open on Sundays.  There are many great trendy and hip clothing boutiques.  But, my favorite thing to do in this neighborhood is eat falafel!  The falafel here is truly unparalleled.  I made the mistake of ordering some falafel in the Latin Quarter--no comparison whatsoever to the falafel in the Marais.

They stuff the pita with lots of delicious falafel balls (fried chickpeas mixed with spices like cumin and coriander), tons of veggies--fresh tomatoes, lettuce, some type of coleslaw, fried onion rings, eggplant, and 4 different types of sauces!  It is sooooo amazing.  When the weather is nice out, the lines are crazy long, but it is worth it!