Sweet Potato Pie + Giveaway (The Lion King on Broadway!)

sweet potato pie I’m reviewing two holiday treats for Days 17 and 18, and one of those treats can be enjoyed guilt-free since it has zero calories! Both of today’s featured treats—Sweet Potato Pie and The Lion King on Broadway—celebrate the talent and innovation of the African diaspora. This sweet potato pie will fill satisfy your appetite, but the Lion King on Broadway will satisfy your soul.  Be sure to scroll to the end of this post to see how you can win TWO tickets to the LION KING on Broadway, Thursday, March 3rd performance at 7pm.

Days 17 and 18: Sweet Potato Pie + The Lion King on Broadway

Difficulty: Entering the giveaway for TWO FREE TICKETS is a piece of cake!

Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is a close cousin to the All-American, perennial holiday favorite, pumpkin pie. It uses sweet potatoes, a staple in African cuisine, and was developed by slaves in the southern region of the United States. It is most popular in the South, and is a beloved dessert in “soul food” cuisine.  In fact, sweet potato pie is so good that you may even break out in song.

The Lion King on Broadway

Lion King on Broadway

This musical masterpiece will have you break out into song as well, long after the final curtain has been drawn at Minskoff Theater on Broadway.  This touching and heartwarming musical transports its viewers to the fictional Pride Rock in the very real Serengeti in Tanzania. The costumes are a combination of authentic, traditional Tanzanian and South African garb and masks, combined with artistic engineering innovation to mimic the grace and beauty of gazelles leaping and zebras prancing.

Lion King on Broadway Nala

This musical offers what other Broadway shows don’t because it is a complete spectacle of nostalgic Disney hits like “The Circle of Life,” along with superb dancing, acting, and singing. And as great as the talented performers are, the choreography and use of puppetry in the costumes puts this musical in a league of its own. I first saw this musical in Los Angeles over a decade ago, but seeing it again makes me realize how timeless this classic really is.  Entering this giveaway is simple.  You must do the following two things to enter.

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You can win bonus entries by following the directions above. 

The contest ends at 11:59pm, December 28th. The winner will be contacted via email and will have 24 hours to respond to claim the prize!  Good luck!

Me with the talented L. Steven Taylor, who plays Mufasa