Chia Seed Pudding

chia seed pudding  

[1/21 UPDATE: I made this again using 1 cup of regular, unsweetened coconut milk, 2 tablespoons maple syrup and 1/4 cup chia seeds. The texture was super thick and extremely palatable! I topped it with a fruit smoothie--and it was even better. I then mixed it into a smoothie--and it was even better! It is super indulgent, so I'll stick to regular or almond milk when just mixing it into a smoothie or if you want a less thick pudding.]

Over the weekend, I tried my hand at chia seed pudding. I've used chia seeds in my smoothies before, but I never quite had the patience to wait for them to soak, as I 'm often in a rush to try to make it to work on time! So, I decided to join the hordes of people who soak them overnight. When you soak them overnight, they are ready to eat, and even form a gelatinous-type pudding.

I'm a smoothie girl, but I decided to switch things up and just eat the chia pudding straight (topped with fruit, of course).  However, chia seeds are so nutrient-packed (14 grams fiber + 6 grams protein/serving) that I may be replacing Greek yogurt with chia pudding in my smoothies.

soaking chia seeds

how to make chia seed pudding

I soaked the chia seeds in almond milk since that's the type of milk I had laying around. I added a dash of vanilla extract, and also a little honey. I then let them soak in the refrigerator. Overnight is best, but a few hours usually does the trick.

Chia pudding definitely has a different texture than regular pudding! I think it is likely an acquired taste. I did notice that the more fruit, nuts, and granola I mixed in, the better I liked it! When I get a chance to make it again, I will try using coconut milk, and I will likely blend the final product (with some fresh fruit!) to make it smooth and creamy. I will also be adding more fresh fruit, nuts and granola! I'm sure that will do the trick ;).

Chia Seed Pudding
Author: Vallery
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2-3 servings
*Recipe updated 1/21/15
  • 1/4 cup chia seeds
  • 1 cup milk (Use regular, unsweetened coconut for a lovely texture, but more indulgent pudding. If you prefer a thinner pudding, add a little water or milk to the coconut milk.)
  • 2 tablespoons sweetener, more or less depending on taste (honey, maple syrup, etc.)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla (optional)
  • Fruit, nuts, and granola
  1. Mix the chia seeds with the milk in a small bowl. Add sweetener and vanilla and mix. Cover and refrigerate overnight, or at least five hours.
  2. You may blend it if you want it to have a smooth texture, and it is also a great addition to any smoothie.
  3. Serve with fruit, nuts, granola, more honey, or any other desired toppings.