Come Back to the Middle

There's so much to say about Bordeaux that I'm not sure where to begin! First things first, I'm a wine girl.  That should be obvious since I'm braving freezing cold temperatures to prance around the region like it's spring.  I think it's safe to say that anyone visiting the Bordeaux region in January is an oenophile (lover of wine).

My oenophilia began at age 19 when I spent the summer in Burgundy, France.  Burgundy--home to the BIG red wines.  My love of wine started with some serious, complex wines.  However, my return to California, and the 7 subsequent years that I spent in L.A. erased my love of reds.  I became a sweet white wine drinker (gasp!).

I needed to come back to the middle.

Of the many things I accomplished during my Bordeaux weekend, I have a renewed appreciation for red wine.

Viva les rouges!