Easter Monday

On the Third Day, He rose from the Dead. Well, depending on how you like to do math... It's Easter!  So, Happy Easter everyone!  I had a lovely weekend celebrating the Resurrection of Christ.  I attended church at Shiloh Baptist Church with beautiful friends, we decorated Easter eggs, and we had an  amazing, leisurely brunch outside.

Golden Eggs and Painted Eggs

Golden Eggs and Painted Eggs

This is my second year in attempting to make artistic Easter eggs.  Last year, I made marshmallow eggs and basket cake.  This year, I decided to decorate real, hard-boiled eggs.  I kind of wish that I had blown them out so that I could preserve them, but there's always next time!

Easter Basket Cake with Homemade Marshmallow Eggs

Easter Egg Decorating Tips

  1. When dying eggs, use one cup near-boiling water with one tablespoon of vinegar.  Then, add as much food coloring as you'd like!  The more color, the darker the egg.
  2.  Switch things up and use brown eggs.  You will get deeper colors.
  3.  Consider actually painting the eggs.  We used acrylic paint, and it worked beautifully!
  4. For the gold leaf-wrapped eggs: I dyed the eggs per number one and let them dry.  I then lightly brushed a very small amount of transfer adhesive on the eggs, and let it dry for about 20 minutes.  I then covered the egg with a gold leaf sheet, and gently pulled off the remaining gold leaf.

Golden Eggs and Painted Eggs